Giving Circles

The Perennials are the San Antonio Botanical Garden’s most generous annual donors committed to the mission of the Garden to enrich lives through plants and nature.

For more information, please contact the Development Department at 210.536.1406 or

The Perennials Giving Circles

Monthly Subscription*


$ 1,200 Annually
  • Unlimited daily admission for 3 named adults
  • 6 guest passes*
  • 6 complimentary unnamed guest admissions per visit
  • 8 Share the Garden passes**
  • One behind-the-scenes-tour for 2 (by appointment)


$ 2,500 Annually
  • Unlimited daily admission for 3 named adults
  • 6 guest passes*
  • 6 complimentary unnamed guest admissions per visit
  • 10 Share the Garden passes**
  • One behind-the-scenes tour for 4 (by appointment)
  • Guest passes for a member-only event


$ 5,000 Annually
  • Unlimited daily admission for 3 named adults
  • 6 guest passes*
  • 6 complimentary unnamed guests admissions per visit
  • 12 Share the Garden passes**
  • One behind-the-scenes tour for 6 (by appointment)
  • Guest passes for a member-only event
  • Exclusive domestic and international travel opportunities for 2 with Garden executives

The Perennials Exclusive Benefits

All The Perennials members receive a yearlong Garden membership including:

Benefits subject to change.

Tax Deductible Contribution: Membership benefits of The Perennials may be declined to make your contribution 100% tax deductible. Membership benefits are subject to change.

Hibiscus Circle Members

Ann Griffith Ash
Judy H. Branch
Carla and John Brozovich

Laura and Burnell Gates

Lindsey and Jack Guenther

Valerie and Jack Guenther

Marty and Steve Hixon
Abigail and George Kampmann

Margaret and Bill Klesse

Barbara C. Kyse
Elizabeth and Robert Lende

Carol and John McGuire

Cynthia and Forrest Miller Meredith K. Morrill
Judith N. Morton
Roxana and Bruce Richardson

Elizabeth and Barry Roberts

Kay and Dennis Stein
Sandra and Scott Teeter
Mary West and Richard Traylor

Joan and W. Reed Williams

Esperanza Circle Members

Michael J. Adams
Susan and Ernie Altgelt

Tisha and Kyle Beck
Emily and Patrick Brooks

Paula and Jim Callaway

Anita and John Comander

Wiede and Jon Cutshall

Jana and Jeff Galt

Estee and Luke Kellogg
Cally and Will Kothmann

Holly and Philip Miller

Nancy Moorman

Londi Paige
Allison and Alan Pyle

Meagan and Adam Shadfan

Jenny and Rick Schimpff

Weston Miller and Ryan Theuninck

Bette and Jack Vexler

Robin and Jason Warman

Stephanie and Christopher Wilde

Susan Wilkins-Geery

Patrick Williamson


Lantana Circle Members

Lyn and Omar Akhil

Claire and John Alexander

Molly and Michael Amini

Mary Arno

Kennedy Hatfield Asel and Aaron Asel

Margie and Mote Baird

Matthew Ballard

Katie and Tyson Becker

John Binkley

Elise and Craig Boyan

Katherine and Walter Brown

Lauren and John Browning

Barbara Clark

Sarah and Jon Cochran

Rhonda and Frank Coleman

Penelope Speier and Sonny Collins

Charlotte A. Creamer

Mary Anne and Tony Crosby

Jaleh Daie

Karen Dawson

Joane and James Drought

Ellie and Chuck Du Val

Joel K. Erben

Rea Ferandez and Justin Chung

Fern Lee Finck

Mary and Lewis Fisher

Mariana Munante and Bill Fisher

Kay Fitch

Burkley and Jonny Fitzsimons

Blair and Joseph Fitzsimons

Mercedes and Philip Fletcher

Caroline A. Forgason

Lou Celia and Don Frost

Magdalena and Raul Gaona

Jill and Carlos Garcia

Toni and Richard Goldsmith

Carrie Gray and Christopher Lefelhocz

Cheryl and Steven Green

Karen and Jim Greenwood

Emory and Frederic Hamilton

Melinda McFarland and Reid Hartson

Allison and Jaimie Hayne

Mary and William Henrich

Karen J. Hixon

Janet and Robert Holliday

Laura Cheng and Dean Hull

Lily and Jeffrey Johnson

Susan and John Kerr

Leigh Ann and Greg King

Karen and Gary Kittrell

Bonnie and John Korbell

Susan and William Lane

Catherine and Richard Lange

Marina Gonzales and Gerald Lee

Allan Lewis

Kelsey Waters and Bryan Litchford

Elizabeth and Madison Marceau

Fernanda Ramos and Paul Martin

Susan Martin

Diana I. Martinez

Melissa Martinez

Marie and Ryan Mays

Celeste and William McEntire

Jane and Joe McFarlane

Cora and Wally McGowan

Vicki McLaughlin

Claire and Easton McNab

Connie and Sandy McNab

Janet Montagne

Trudy and Ed Moore

Katarzyna and Michael Morchat

Barbara and Jeff Moss

Sydney and Gregg Muenster

Leslie Negley

Ann and Chico Newman

Elaine Olivier

Susanna Morrow and Ross Olsaver

Jana Orsinger and Bill Orr

Elena and Luis Oseguera

Suzanne and Rusty Palmer

Margaret and Ryan Pape

Anne and Charles Parrish

Susan Mooberry and Gregory Patterson

Carol and Kirk Patterson

Eleanor and Scott Petty

Candace Andrews and Uwe Pontius

Julianne and Michael Posey

Mary Quandt

Angela and Trey Rabke

Corinna and JB Richter

Steven Robbins

Anne and Jeff Rochelle

Heather and Randy Rodgers

Jan Jardboe Russell and Lewis Russell Jr.

Cathy and Phil Sagebiel

Wiliam Scanlan, Jr.

Deb Sovereign

Paula and Herb Stumberg

James Letchworth and Kirk Swanson

Bonnie and Stephan Tompsett

Alisa and John Travis

Kimberly and Matthew Traxinger

Katherine and Kristopher Trumble

Lisa Uhl

Elky and Mark Van Es

Claire and George Vaughan

Jordan Vexler

Suzanne and Dick Wade

Ann B. Watson

Roberta Churchin and Bob Webster

Shari Mao and Erik Weitzel

Julie and Warren Wilkinson

Tommy Wirth

Julie and Peter Zacher

Sherri Zimmerman