Endangered Plants

As the Center for Plant Conservation (CPC) custodian for endangered plants in South Texas, the San Antonio Botanical Garden plays an important role in assuring that these regional plants do not face extinction. Research varies with each species but may involve collection of propagules from as many sites as possible, storing seed here and at the national seed bank lab in Colorado. Working out propagation and growing protocols for each species is an ongoing research objective. Growing plants to maturity, displaying them in the Garden, and interpreting their value to the public are part of the program as well.

The plant list currently includes the following:

WaterSaver Plants

In partnership with the San Antonio Water System (SAWS), the Garden has two home demonstration areas that show environmentally appropriate plantings for South Texas. Discover a variety of native and non-native plants that withstand the harshest elements and create a drought-tolerant and beautiful landscape.

Other Research Partnerships