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October 5th, 2019

Fairy Garden Workshop – SOLD OUT!

Step into the world of enchanting fairy gardens by designing your own fall or Halloween-themed creation. Use your imagination to construct a magical and festive piece to enhance your garden for the season. Fee includes all supplies; additional fairy garden supplies will be available for additional cost in the Garden Gift Shop. This program is designed for ages 8 and up.
Fee: $45 ($40.50 member)

Instructor: Diane Allen, gardener and experienced display designer


September 7th, 2019

SOLD OUT – Botanical Soap Making

Join Liberty Heise in this workshop and learn how to make your own all-natural soap using botanical from your landscape for color, smell, texture and simple beauty. Participants will receive information on the preparation of botanicals and will cut and take home their own soap. Fee includes all materials.
Fee: $25 ($22.50 members)

Instructor: Liberty Heise

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July 17th, 2019

Panorama Photography

Panoramic photography is a technique of photography using specialized equipment or software that captures images with horizontally elongated fields of view. In this class, participants will first go out into the Garden and learn how to set up their camera gear to capture images. After capturing images participants will go back into the classroom and learn how to create a panoramic image. Please bring a camera, tripod, cable release, and a formatted SD card with no photos on it.

Fee: $35 ($31.50 member)

Instructor: Victor Watson of Schertz Photography

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June 19th, 2019

Macro Photography at the Garden

Wednesday, June 19 | 9:30am-11:30am
In this class, participants will be taken through the basics of macro photography, the equipment to use, and some of the techniques needed to get as close up to your subject matter. This class is great for novices and for more experienced macro photographers. Please bring a camera, the cameras kit lens, a macro lens (optional), fully charged batteries and SD card.

Fee: $35 ($31.50 member)

Instructor: Victor Watson of Schertz Photography

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May 22nd, 2019

Master the Four Elements of Your Exposure

Using the four elements of your camera that control exposure has the most potential to affect the quality of your images, but completely leveraging them to create phenomenal imagery is one aspect of photography that eludes many photographers. In this class, participants will explore the four elements of a photographic exposure.

Fee: $35 ($31.50 member)

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May 18th, 2019

Spring Jelly Making with Texas Natives- SOLD OUT

Springtime produces some distinctive native Texas fruits and berries. Join Paul Gates in this delicious workshop and learn which Texas natives produce spring fruit, when it can be harvested, and how to turn that fruit into unique jellies. Paul will demonstrate his jelly making technique and each participant will take home a jar of jelly and a booklet of recipes.

Fee: $15 ($13.50 member)

Instructor: Paul Gates, educator, Garden volunteer, and veteran jelly maker


April 17th, 2019

Photography Series: Portrait Photography

Portrait photography or portraiture is photography of a person or group of people that displays the expression, personality, and mood of the subject. The focus of the photograph is usually the person’s face, although the entire body and the background or context may be included. Subject matter covered during this session: lens to use, posing and how to flatter his or her best features, tips on how to light the subject(s), different lighting situations, and planning.
Fee: $35 (31.50 member)
Instructor: Victor Watson of Schertz Photography
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August 18th, 2018

Petal by Petal: Painting A Rose

Saturday, August 18, 10AM-12PM

Capture the exquisite beauty of roses as a subject matter. This class will focus on the techniques and stages used with pastels. We will use color to invigorate the studies of floral blooms. Upon completion, each student will have his/her own unique artwork.
Fee Materials included: $35 (members $31.50)

Instructor: Sasha Nochovka, MFA

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May 12th, 2018

Wildflowers of Texas: Talk and book signing by Michael Eason

Saturday, May 12, 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm

Author Michael Eason will take the audience through his species-selection thought process, as well as dive into details about discoveries of new species, rediscoveries, and the story of how far reaching our flora is. Ticket price includes an author-signed copy of Wildflowers of Texas.
Fee: $30 ($27 members) Signed copy of new wildflower book included!

Instructor: Michael Eason, author and Rare Plant Conservation Specialist

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May 12th, 2018

Color and Photography: How to Boost your use of Color

Saturday, May 12, 9:30am to 12:00 PM

Become familiar with critical terms like luminance, saturation and hue. Gain the understanding of color concepts, how it relates to composition and mood, and how to employ color towards blazing your own visual style with intentional and effective compositional choices. This workshop is open to amateur, advanced, or professional photographers who want to deepen their understanding and implementation of color in their work.

Nancy Cavender Garcia

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