About Us

The San Antonio Botanical Garden Society’s mission is to inspire people to connect with the plant world and understand the importance of plants in our lives.  Engaging cultural activities, practical community classes, inspiring children’s camps, dynamic school programs, critical endangered plant research efforts, and diverse and spectacular plant collections educate visitors to the many roles that plants play in our lives.

The Garden is a top San Antonio attraction that serves as a museum of plants, a tranquil escape, a living classroom, a research and conservation facility, and entertainment venue where art, architecture, music, and theater experiences come to life for more than 125,000 annual visitors, including 37,000 children.  Over 550 volunteers provide a beautiful and engaging environment for children and adults to experience the world of plants and nature, learning practical ways to care for our environment.

Chartered in 1980, the Botanical Garden Society has brought nearly $18 million in major capital improvements to the city-owned Botanical Garden.  Plans to expand the footprint and programs of the Garden as well as to assume management of the Garden from the City of San Antonio over the next five years have the Garden on track to becoming the best regional garden in the nation.

Board Of Directors

Mrs. Mary Ann Beach President
Mrs. Donna Vaughan Vice President
Mrs. Keli Davidson Treasurer
Ms. Shirley Mahony Secretary
Mr. Jeff Rochelle Immediate Past President
Mrs. Kristen Casey Mrs. Cally Kothmann
Mrs. Laura Cortez Ms. Barbara Kyse
Mrs. Karen Dawson Mrs. Susan Lane
Mr. J. Patrick Deely Mrs. Marline Carter Lawson
Mrs. Sarah Calvert Doerr Mrs. Susie Martin
Mr. Gabriel Durand-Hollis Mr. George Mauze
Mrs. Elizabeth Eades Mrs. Christy Merecka
Ms. Mae Escobar Dr. Susan Mengden
Ms. Evangelina Flores Mrs. Linde Murphy
Ms. Cathy Garison Mrs. Julia Rendon Reinhart
Mrs. Karen Greenwood Mr. Bill Shown
Mrs. Linda Gunter Mrs. Mary Pat Stumberg
Mr. Rob Holliday Mr. John Troy
Mrs. Pam Howard Mrs. Bette Vexler
Ms. Sonia Imperial Mrs. Caroline Walker
Mrs. Olga Garza Kauffman Mr. Larry Walker
Mrs. Estee Kellogg


The San Antonio Botanical Garden Society, Inc. Is a non-profit tax-exempt organization recognized under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and described under sections 509(a)(1) and 170(b)(1)(A)(vi).