Garden Contacts

San Antonio Botanical Garden
555 Funston Place
San Antonio, TX 78209

Helpful Contact Information

Executive Director, Bob Brackman 210-207-3260

San Antonio Botanical Garden Society 210-536-1400
Rentals Manager, Shimeyka Olivares 210-536-1409
Media Inquiries 210-722-9492
Membership Inquiries, Michelle Scherer 210-536-1407
Carriage House Bistro Manager, Erin Gates 210-826-5800
Gift Shop Manager, Tracy Navarro 210-536-1417
Director of Marketing, Connie Swann 210-536-1411
Director of Community Relations/Visitor Services, Candace Andrews 210-536-1405
Director of Programs, Cynthia Klemmer 210.536-1410
Family and Adult Programs Specialist, Emma Trester-Wilson 210.536.1413
Children’s Programs Specialist, Timothy Roan 210-536-1412
Volunteer Coordinator, Nadezhda Garza 210-536-1415
Director of Development, Karen Kimbell 210-536-1406