Health & Wellness


Multiple sessions 9:30AM-10:30AM

DISCOVER Nia! The ultimate “east meets west” method to tone your body, mind, and spirit. Nia delivers the creative expression of dance, the power of the martial arts, the flexible/meditative/healing effects of yoga, and MORE. Nia will ignite your spirit, balance your emotions, stimulate your mind, pump your heart, release tension, and condition your WHOLE body. Blending the latest mind body science with ancient wisdom, Nia guides and inspires you to live and move sustainably in your body.
Nia is adaptable and can be experienced by anyone. Each class has a unique focus and will end with a meditation experience. Join us for this JOY filled experience at the beautiful Botanical Garden! Wear comfortable clothes and shoes to move in and bring a yoga mat.
Program Fee: $15 ($13.50 members)

Instructors: Alternating: Joanie Brooks and Jan Jarboe Russell

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Qoya Women’s Fitness

Multiple sessions 10:00AM - 11:00AM

Qoya is based on the idea that through movement we remember our essence as women is wise, wild and free. Wise, wild and free draw reference to the movement forms practiced in a Qoya class:
Wise – The wisdom of yoga; Wild – The creative expression of dance; Free – The freedom to feel pleasure in the body by connecting with the senses.

There are no special skills required, just the desire to move and feel good! We move and stretch the entire body, listen to great music and seek the pleasure in the movement.

Fee: $18.00 per person ($16.20 members)
Instructor: Rachel

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Seeking Mindfulness through Art (SMart)

SUNDAY, November 12, 2:00PM-4:00PM Smudge Sticks

The garden welcomes back Stacey Morrison for another wonderful, immersive mindful experience using art as the medium for facilitating introspection and being in the present moment. Stacey will guide the class in making Smudge sticks, which students will take home.
Fee: $25 ($22.50 members)
SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2:00PM-4:00PM: Smudge Sticks
SUNDAY, DECEMBER 10, 2:00PM-4:00PM: Watercolor Holiday Cards

Instructor: Stacey Morrison

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Gardens and Yoga


This class invites all levels, ages and sizes to enjoy a meditation in motion in the beauty of the Botanical Garden. Please join the AC Power Yoga team for a fun, active but relaxing yoga practice on the third Saturday of the month. Everyone is welcome.
Fee: $15 per person per class ($13.50 members)

Wear comfortable clothes to move in and bring a yoga mat.
Note: If the temperature is below 70* class will be held indoors

Instructor: AC Power Yoga

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Tai Chi Sword 32 Form


Tai Chi Sword is primarily used as a weapon in the Tai Chi martial art, this class will teach the form which combines the characteristics of Tai Chi bare hand movements with the artistic and martial functions of the sword. This form will help develop your flexibility, strength, balance, health, and deepen your Tai Chi understanding. Whether you practice Tai Chi as a martial art or for health and enjoyment, you will find Tai Chi sword a wonderful addition to your overall Tai Chi regimen.
Fee: $120 ($108 members)

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Chen Style Tai Chi / Push Hands


Chen Style Tai Chi is the oldest among the 5 major styles. Students will experience Chen style's unique alternated speed and silk reeling technique to quickly enhance their balance, strength, and power.
Fee: $120 ($108 members
)Instructor: Ming Xie

Registration closed. Next session Spring 2018