Gardening & Waterwise

Spanish Gardening (Esta clase será en español.)


Have you ever wanted to start a vegetable garden in your home but not sure where to begin?
In this class we will go over the basics, learn how to select the vegetable varieties suitable for this area, use helpful websites so you can start your garden and enjoy the taste of fresh homegrown vegetables.

¿Ha querido tener un huerto de vegetales en su casa, pero no está seguro cómo empezar? En esta clase usted aprenderá como empezar su jardín, saber cuáles variedades de vegetales son mejores para plantar en esta zona, como utilizar diferentes páginas de la red, y empezar a disfrutar de vegetales frescos.

Fee: $30 ($27 members)

Rocío Bomberg habla español y es Master Gardener desde 2012. Ha sido voluntaria en el jardín de vegetales para los niños aquí en el Jardín Botánico por 5 años. Dentro del Programa de Master Gardener se especializó en vegetales y es maestra de jardinería en una escuela local.

Home Mushroom Growing


Join us to learn the basics of home mushroom cultivation. You will be introduced to several types of gourmet and medicinal species of mushrooms and how they can be easily grown at home. The species of focus for this class is the delicious Pink Oyster (Pleurotus djamor) mushroom . Class will consist of a short lecture and a live demonstration of the cultivating process. Participants receive a ready-to-grow kit.
Program and Materials Fee: $30 ($27 members)

Instructor: Louis San Miguel, mycology enthusiast

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Rose Propagation Workshop


Learn how to make roses from existing rose bushes! Join Peggy Jones for a hands-on workshop propagating Earthkind® Roses, where she will demonstrate techniques for proper propagating from cuttings and care. Each participant will leave with a rose.
*In Partnership with SAWS* = 2 WaterSaver Rewards points!
Fee: $20 ($18 members)

Instructor: Peggy Jones, Master Gardener & Rosarian, Member of the SA Rose Society

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Revealing Fruit


Plants use crafty strategies for getting their babies dispersed and into favorable environments. Join us as we eat our way through a lecture on the secrets of fruits.
Fee: $15 ($13.50 members)

Instructor: Dr. Kelly Lyons, Trinity Biology Professor

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Can you grow citrus tress in San Antonio's heat and drought conditions? The answer is yes! Join Horticulturist Ben Ryan as he leads this multi-part series. Offered in partnership with SAWS.

Session 2 - Propagation Workshop and Planting Tips - 2 WaterSaver Rewards points!

Session 3 - Tree Care & Pruning Workshop

Class fee per session: $20 (18 members)

Instructor: Benjamin Ryan, Horticulturist

Check back for registration for Session 3, to be held in January