San Antonio Botanical Garden

Trees - Watersavers

Redbud (Cercis canadensis var. texensis) ornamental tree, sun or shade, red or pink flowers in spring attract butterflies, height 15-30'

Texas Mountain Laurel (Sophora secundiflora) ornamental tree, sun to part shade, evergreen, fragrant purple flowers in spring, larvae food plant, height to 15'

Flameleaf Sumac (Rhus lanceolata) sun to part shade, foliage has red fall color, white blossoms in spring, red fruit in fall attracts birds, may form thickets, 10-30'

Texas Persimmon (Diospyros texana) ornamental tree, part shade to sun, attractive bark, fragrant flowers in spring, black fruit on female plants ripen in fall and are favored by birds and mammals, height 10-15'

Smoke Tree (Cotinus obovatus) sun to part shade, purple to pink flower clusters that resemble puffs of smoke, deciduous leaves turning yellow to apricot to scarlet in fall, height 15-30'.

Cedar Elm (Ulmus crassifolia) relatively fast growing tree, leaves turn yellow to gold in the fall, seeds eaten by birds especially cardinals, height to 90'

Black Cherry (Prunus serotina subsp. eximia) fast growing tree, leaves turn bright yellow to reddish in the fall, fruits important to wildlife, height to 50'. Note: all the oaks below are good butterfly larvae plants.

Live Oak (Quercus fusiformis) sun, acorns eaten by blue jays, scrub jays, squirrels, deer

Lacey Oak (Quercus laceyi) moderate sized tree, has lovely blue-green leaves, grows on limestone, height to 50'

Bur Oak (Quercus macrocarpa) reasonably fast growing tree, most widely adaptive oak in the world, has large acorns, height to 150'

Chinkapin Oak (Quercus muhlenbergii) dark green leaves, deciduous, height to 60'

Texas Red Oak (Quercus texana) outstanding fall color, height to 35'

Uvalde Maple or Bigtooth Maple (Acer grandidentatum) part shade to sun, brilliant fall color, seeds are an important food source for wildlife,
height to 50'

Arizona Cypress (Cupressus arizonica) sun, fast growing, lives 30-50 years, aromatic blue-green foliage, provides cover for birds and wildlife,
height to 30'.

Red Buckeye (Aesculus pavia) small tree, shade, red or yellow flowers in spring attract hummingbirds, height10-20'

Mexican Buckeye (Ungnadia speciosa) small tree or large shrub, sun to part shade, pink flowers in spring attract butterflies, yellow fall color,
height 8-15'

Rusty Blackhaw (Viburnum rufidulum) part shade to sun, white flowers in spring, fruit ripens in the fall and is a big favorite of birds, outstanding
fall foliage

Mexican Plum (Prunus mexicana) ornamental tree, part shade-sun, fragrant white flowers in early spring attract butterflies, 15'