San Antonio Botanical Garden

Rental Areas



Auld House

This historic Hill Country cabin with outdoor cover patio accommodates up to 80 people in the combined indoor/outdoor space with seating up to 35 indoors. The Garden provides an appropriate number of chairs, six 48” rounds, 10 six-foot tables and a speaker stand. An adjoining full kitchen is available for use.

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Lucile Halsell Conservatory Courtyard

The glass pyramids of our signature landmark Lucile Halsell Conservatory surround an interior courtyard centered around a serene water garden. The courtyard and adjacent covered walkways will accommodate up to 250 seated. Guests have access to the exhibit room featuring a collection of orchids.

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Formal Gardens and Fountain Plaza

This highly desirable outdoor setting includes the Rose Garden, Old-Fashioned Garden,
Wisteria Arbor, and Fountain Plaza.  It is ideal for small intimate parties to events
for up to 800.

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This historic above-ground water reservoir has been converted into a beautiful setting for an afternoon gathering. This secluded area accommodates up to 250 seated.

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