San Antonio Botanical Garden

Garden Curricula

Garden Curricula:
The San Antonio Botanical Garden provides FREE downloadable, TEKS-based curricula for use in the classroom and at the Garden.
(The curriculum requires Adobe™ Acrobat Reader 5.0)

by Candace Andrews

 Pollinators and Flowers (Grades K-5)

 Introduction to Plants and Water (Grades K-3)

 Plants and Water Journal

 Plants and Water Worksheet 1

 Plants and Water Worksheet 2a

 Plants and Water Worksheet 2b, 2c

  Terrific Trees Teacher's Guide (Grades 3-5)


Resources for Teachers

Junior Naturalist Booklet

Exploring the Formal Gardens

Exploring the Texas Native Trail

Exploring the Conservatory

Ethnobotany Along the Texas Native Trail

Click here to play Botanical Bingo (Grades PreK-2)

Click here to play Bird Bingo (Grades PreK-2)