Texas Native Trail

The Texas Native Trail is a unique aspect of the San Antonio Botanical Garden. This area consists of plant communities characteristic of the Hill Country (Edwards Plateau), East Texas Pineywoods, and South Texas. These three distinctive and diverse ecological regions of Texas vary in soil, plant life, topography, and weather. The authentic botanical setting is enhanced by several early Texas houses, which have been reconstructed on the site to help illustrate and interpret the regional theme.

The 11-acre Texas Native Trail contains more than 250 plant species in collections that represent three ecosystems. In the East Texas Pineywoods, visitors find pines, sweetgum, sassafras, and other acidic soil-loving woodland species. The Hill Country area features live oaks, juniper, Texas mountain laurel, Eve’s necklace, Blanco crabapple, Possum Haw, Hop-tree, Uvalde maples, and other limestone tolerant plants. In the South Texas region, dryland trees and thorny brush such as torchwood, Mexican olive, mesquite, Texas ebony, and huisaache thrive.