Lucile Halsell Conservatory

Conservatory8-28-14The prize-winning Lucile Halsell Conservatory opened in February 1988. Designer of the futuristic glass project, Emilio Ambasz, an Argentine-born American has a world-wide reputation. The all-architectural conservatory was the first of his projects ever built and his revolutionary design has been published in magazines in several countries. Learn more

The Daniel J. Sullivan Carriage Housecarriage2-350

The Sullivan Carriage House was built in 1896 for one of the most colorful figures of early Texas, Daniel J. Sullivan. An Irish immigrant, Sullivan served in the Texas Cavalry, 1st Regiment, during the Civil War. In 1882, he founded D. Sullivan & Co. Private Bankers, whose loans made possible the legendary cattle drives of the 19th Century. Learn more

Auld Houseauld-350

The Auld House was the 1880s family homestead of the Alexander Kennedy Auld Family. The piñon pine log cabin was built by this Texas pioneer family along “The Divide,” the highest point of the Edwards Plateau. Located near Leakey in Real County, the 14’ x 47’ structure is thought to be the largest piñon pine cabin in Texas. Learn more

Schumacher Houseschumacher-350

Friedrich Wilhelm Schumacher (b. 1815) originally built this limestone and fachwerk home in 1849 in Fredericksburg, Texas (on Austin Street).  Schumacher, a tailor, was one of the earliest settlers in the area. His first concern on arrival was to build a home for his wife and two young children. Learn more

East Texas Log Cabincabin-350

Settlers in East Texas, where rainfall is plentiful (up to 58 inches per year), used the abundance of large trees to make their homes. The East Texas Pineywoods are located on the edge of the vast pine-hardwood forest that extends over the Southeastern United States. The size of the pines in East Texas often meant larger log homes than in other parts of the state. Learn more

South Texas Adobecabin3-350

Located in the semi-arid South Texas Plains, this adobe structure is a palisado with a split shake roof. The structure was originally built in the 1880s. When the house was reassembled in San Antonio, cedar posts that were more than 100 years old were used in the reconstruction. Learn more

Bird Watch Structurebird-watch-350

Each year millions of birds migrate between wintering grounds in Central and South America and summer nesting sites throughout the U.S. and Canada. Because of its location on these migratory routes, Texas is home to over 600 bird species, more than any other state. Learn more