Taste the Music

Friday, April 12, 6pm – 10pm


Our senses come alive when we eat. Flavors blend to create a world that is unseen by the human eye. These melodies of flavors pair together like the harmonious layers of music. Types of food can relate to certain styles of music, creating an experience much larger than the sum of their parts.

Join us at the San Antonio Botanical Garden on Friday, April 12, 2019 6:00pm – 10pm in the outdoor CHEF Teaching Kitchen to discover the pathways between music and food where four (4) chefs will create culinary masterpieces around the stylings of local musicians. Discover the science in the link between sight, sound and flavor.

Selected Chef pairings are as follows:

Chef Dave Terrazas paired with Vivi and Ingrid

Chef Teddy Liang paired with Midwest Armadillo

Chef Chris Cook paired with George Garza, Jr.

Chef Tatu Herrera paired with Brian Duarte