Frequently Asked Questions about Membership

As a (501c3) non-profit organization, the San Antonio Botanical Garden relies strongly on member support to achieve our mission of inspiring people to connect with the plant world and understand the importance of plants in our lives.  We continually strive to offer an excellent member experience.  THANK YOU for joining the Botanical Garden and supporting our educational efforts.  Below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our membership program.


May I apply my admission payment toward the price of a membership?

On the day of your visit and during the Garden’s regular operating hours, our Admissions staff can apply the purchase price of an admission ticket, up to the value of the membership being purchased, toward one membership purchase. In order to receive this credit, please visit the Admission kiosk before you leave the Garden.

When and how will I receive my membership cards and how do I gain admission until then?

We typically mail membership cards within 2 weeks of purchase.  Until you receive your cards, please present your photo ID for our Admission staff to verify your membership.

Will all the members of our family receive a membership card?

Up to two named adult members on a membership will each receive a membership card naming all adult members of the household and indicating the membership level.

Is a photo ID required for admission?

Since membership benefits are non-transferrable, verification of a member’s identity helps Admission staff from accepting lost or stolen cards and prevents fraud and loss of revenue that could be realized by misuse.  This supports the viability of our educational programming and helps us keep the cost of membership affordable.

Must I name a second adult on my membership?

For a membership that covers more than one adult, (all levels except for Individual and Individual with Children), members may choose either to name a second adult (named adults are allowed to bring the household children and/or guests allowed by that membership level) or to leave that slot open for a guest who must accompany the one named adult member.  Members make this choice at the time of purchase.

May I change the adults listed on my membership?

For a membership naming two or three adult members, one name change per membership year is allowed on a membership.  This change may be requested of the Admission staff or by phoning our Membership office at 210-536-1407.  New membership cards will be issued to reflect the name change.

What happens if I lose my membership card?

A photo ID is required for Admission staff to verify membership. Replacement membership cards are available upon request, at the Admission desk or by phoning our Membership office at 210-536-1407. Replacement cards will be mailed to the primary named member.

Can I give my membership card to another adult to bring my child(ren) to the Garden?

If your child(ren) will visit the Garden with a non-member adult, please call our Admission staff in advance (210-536-1400) to inform them and send your membership card with the adult bringing your child(ren) to the Garden so your children will not be charged admission.  Since membership cards are non-transferrable, the non-member adult must pay his or her admission.

Are memberships refundable?

Memberships are non-refundable.

May I change my membership level or add a Plus One feature in the middle of my membership year?

Upgrades to membership may be made by a named adult member at the Admission desk or by phoning our Membership office at 210-536-1407. The member may choose one of the following options:

  1. Upgrade a membership to a higher level or add a Plus One mid-term, by paying the cost difference between the two membership values (expiration date remains the same)  


  1. Upgrade the membership to a higher level for a full year, by paying full annual dues for the higher level (new expiration date will be one year after purchase).

Who is eligible for a military or senior discount?

Military and senior discounts apply to memberships purchased by and for the eligible senior citizen or military personnel.
Individuals age 65 and older wishing to receive the 10% senior discount must present a photo ID at the time of purchase.
Active, retired and reserve personnel wishing to receive the 10% military discount must present a current military ID at the time of purchase. These discounts apply only to memberships purchased for the senior or military personnel member.