GROW Leadership

The GROW. Plants, People, Possibilities Capital Campaign has been led by a dedicated group of individuals who know how important the natural world is to our health and happiness, and understand the role that the Botanical Garden plays in fostering a lifelong appreciation of plants and nature.

Completing the Expansion Campaign

Jeff Rochelle, Chair
Jim and Karen Greenwood, Honorary Chairs

Professional Design Team
Phil Weddle, Weddle Gilmore Architects
Christy Ten Eyck, Ten Eyck Landscape Architects

Design Committee
Gabriel Durand-Hollis, Chair
Claire Liedtke Alexander
Bob Brackman
Karen Greenwood
Marline Carter Lawson
Dennis Quinn
Jeff Rochelle

Phase One Campaign

Jim and Karen Greenwood, Chairs
Claire Liedtke Alexander, Honorary Chair
Bill Scanlan, Honorary Chair
Rick and Kristen Casey, Community Campaign Chairs
Susie Martin, Board Campaign Co-Chair
Nancy Zachry, Board Campaign Co-Chair
Jeff Rochelle
Pete Selig
Bob Brackman, Executive Director, Retired
Candace Andrews, Director of Community Relations and Visitor Services (Ret.)

Design Team
Christy Ten Eyck, Ten Eyck Landscape Design
Cameron Campbell, Ten Eyck Landscape Design
Phil Weddle, Weddle Gilmore Architects
Cindy Tyler, Terra Design Studios
Robin Moore, North Carolina State University Natural Learning Initiative
Jeff Rochelle, Planning Committee Chair
Claire Liedtke Alexander
Karen Greenwood
Rob Holliday
Marline Carter Lawson
John Troy


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