Culinary Garden, CHEF Teaching Kitchen, and Goldsbury Foundation Pavilion


Nestled in the graceful arch of the Welcome & Discovery Center Complex are the Culinary Garden, Goldsbury Foundation Pavilion, and CHEF Teaching Kitchen. These new amenities add opportunities to bring you programs that highlight good nutrition and healthy living, how good food grows, pollination, composting, and environmental stewardship through hands-on gardening and cooking programs, events, and classes.


Culinary Garden

The Culinary Garden will highlight the message that Good Food Grows. Plants, after all, are the source of food and the basis for a healthy diet. This engaging new garden will not only showcase the staples of healthy eating that will tantalize guests – it will invite visitors to participate in their planting, harvesting, and preparing. Fresh vegetables, herbs, and fruits will be cultivated year-round, engaging young and old in the art and science of gardening.

Culinary Garden, Goldsbury Foundation Pavilion, and CHEF Teaching Kitchen

Harvesting food straight from the garden and moving directly to the CHEF Teaching Kitchen in the Goldsbury Foundation Pavilion for hands-on lessons offers a “garden-to-table” experience that deepens the connections between gardening and healthy cooking.

These new spaces will bring to life our important new partnership with CHEF (Culinary Health Education for Families). One of three partners funded by the Goldsbury Foundation, the program covers eight counties in the San Antonio region and provides you with the skills and information needed to combat health issues such as diabetes and obesity through healthy eating and food preparation.

This immersive, “hands-on” programming is child-centric and family-oriented, teaching you common sense nutrition and basic skills. That means you and your children learn the fundamentals of cooking: temperatures, knife skills, flavors, textures, and healthy ingredient choices. You’ll be encouraged to plant seeds and to eat the colors of the rainbow- think red tomatoes, green bell peppers, and yellow corn.

Additional programming for adults includes 52 weeks of culinary experiences – lunch and learn sessions with real culinary sampling, evening programming featuring local flavors, chefs, horticulturists, nutritionists, writers, cookbook authors, breweries, distilleries, and wineries.

Other wellness programming includes continuing our popular yoga and tai chi, and adding mindfulness meditation and fitness, including tabata (high interval cardio-vascular training), Zumba, and senior walking programs.


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