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At the San Antonio Botanical Garden there are many ways to show your support and allocate your contributions to specific programs. Scroll below to see some of the main areas where you can make a difference. For customized donations please contact Karen Kimbell at 210-536-1406.

Supporting the Garden

The San Antonio Botanical Garden is a horticultural resource for South Texas, showcasing a wide variety of plants you won’t find anywhere else. It requires daily care including watering, pruning, weeding, mulching, thinning, and even harvesting, to keep it looking its best.

  • $1 a day provides care and support to the Garden each and every day of the year.
  • $50 supports the volunteer efforts to propagate and grow unique, regionally-sensitive plants for public sales throughout the year.

“I would like to thank everyone at the garden for working so hard to keep it beautiful. It is our escape from stress…When we are there, nothing else matters.”
Leah Myer, frequent visitor

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Support the Annual Fund

Gifts to the Annual Fund make a wide variety of educational, cultural, and botanical programming available at the Garden the whole year through.

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Supporting Education

Educational programs and classes at the Garden connect children to nature, help you get in touch with your artistic side, provide health and wellness opportunities, and give you the know-how to be a better gardener and steward of the environment.

  • Gifts of all sizes help sustain the wide variety of classes offered at the Garden.
  • $250 ($21/month) pays transportation costs to make an engaging, hands-on learning experience at the Garden possible for an entire class.
  • A $500 ($42/month) gift makes transportation and the Terrarium Ecosystem Program available for an entire class.
  • $2,500 ($208/month) provides the supplies and staffing necessary for a week-long summer camp or a Family Flashlight Night.

“We had a GREAT trip today. Your lesson was fantastic and the students love their terrariums. The San Antonio Botanical Garden is a great place for a field trip, and the funding for bus transportation made it possible.”
2nd grade teacher

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Click here to directly support the Children’s Vegetable Garden program.

Conservation and Research

The San Antonio Botanical Garden was among the first group of organizations to join the Center for Plant Conservation (CPC) network in 1984. As the primary institution responsible for 13 of some of the rarest native plant species in the United States, our plant research and conservation efforts may represent the final bulwark against the extinction of a species.

  • $120 ($10/month) helps provide the resources needed to protect endangered plants by developing germination protocols, collecting wild seed from disappearing populations, and growing and sharing threatened species.

“Working with the CPC and other conservation organizations, we can better ensure that Texas rare and endangered plants are not lost forever.”
G. Shannon Smith, Ph.D., Director of Rare Plants and Research

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Arts and Culture

Cultural programs at the Garden like Art in the Garden, Chipotle Sustainability Film nights, Dog Days, and National Public Gardens Day create new memories for thousands of visitors each year. Supporting cultural activities at the Garden draws new visitors to the Grounds and fosters the concept that we are more than a garden.

  • $1,000 ($83/month) makes a movie possible or supports the installation and upkeep of an art sculpture for a year.

“We come every year to the movies and other events. We just love it.”
Ed and Marcia McKenna, Members

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