Public Speakers

DSCN3385Is your institution, organization, or small group seeking a speaker for your next public event or meeting? Perhaps your business looking to reward your employees with an informative presentation, demonstration or workshop?

Our qualified and energetic speakers are ready to share their knowledge! All presentations, workshops, and demonstrations are free to the public and can be modified to fit time constraints, level of interactivity, or match your content needs.

Sponsored by the San Antonio Water System, the Botanical Garden is offering a variety of WaterSaver Gardening programs for adult audiences. Below are topics to choose from and their corresponding descriptions.

  • Seasonal WaterSaver Gardening: Want to learn how to get your landscape looking great during the different seasons. This presentation is designed to teach the residents of San Antonio how to create beautiful landscapes during each season.
  • Superpower Plants: Explore the superpower of native and well adapted plants. Our presenters will introduce you to succulents, grasses, perennials, and trees that are our area’s botanical heroes.

Classes are scheduled based on the availability of our presenters.

Community EventsDiane in Old-Fashioned Garden CS

The San Antonio Botanical Garden’s education team is excited about sharing our mission, and dedicated to promoting water conservation through landscaping at community events, fairs, and showcases. If your group is interested in having a WaterSaver Booth at your next event please contact us at Our WaterSaver booth is informative, engaging, sparks curiosity and focuses on water-saving techniques for landscapes in South Texas.

In the past we have serviced the following:

  • Home Owners Associations
  • Home and Garden Show
  • Landscaping & Nursery Companies
  • Public Libraries
  • Garden Clubs
  • Grand Openings

Public Speaker and Community Event Reminders

  • Groups of ten or more are strongly encouraged.
  • Schedule speaker or booth at least three weeks in advance of the date needed.
  • Enjoy and become WaterSaver savvy!